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AS 4000 vs AS 2124: In Australian construction and engineering contracts, AS 4000 and AS 2124 are two of the most widely recognised standards. Both provide a comprehensive framework for parties entering into contracts for construction work, yet each possesses distinctive features, procedures, and provisions that differentiate one from the other

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The Situation: Most construction contracts, including AS4000 and AS2124, stipulate that a final certificate is issued following completion of the work, stating the final amount payable between the parties. The Development: Two recent decisions by the Queensland Supreme Court held that contractors were not obliged to pay the amount certified in.

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• AS 4000-1997 General Conditions of Contract (a publication of Standards Australia Limited); • AS 2124-1992 General Conditions of Contract (a publication of Standards Australia Limited); and • DR AS 11000 General Conditions of Contract (a draft publication of Standards Australia Limited).

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(AS 2124—1992) together with General conditions of tendering and form of tender (AS 2125—1992) Form of formal instrument of agreement (AS 2127—1992) AS 2124 First published as part of AS CA24 — 1952. Revised and redesignated in part as AS CA24.1 — 1964. Second edition 1973. Revised and redesignated AS 2124 — 1978. Second edition 1981.

Sherwin Williams Iron ore (SW 7069) vs Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (212410) side by side comparison

The updated AS 4000 - General conditions of contract is now available for public review and feedback. The review period runs from 27 March until 29 May 2024 and the draft can be accessed via our Public Comment Portal here. Once the public comment period is complete, Standards Australia will reconvene MB-010 to review and consider the.


What is the difference between an AS4000 and an AS2124 contract? by Legal Watch. May 24, 2021. Read More. The AS4000 and AS2124 differ on extension of time, liquidated damages, requirements for a notice of delay, time bars and more.

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At a minimum, that document should identify the contract sum together with each of the documents (including their revisions) that make up the contract. 10. It is sometimes used as a 'cost plus' agreement. Although AS 4000 is more suited to a lump sum arrangement, it is sometimes adapted for use in 'cost plus' engagements.

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AS 2124, also known as the Australian Standard AS 2124-1992 General Conditions of Contract, is a commonly used contract in the construction industry. To use this contract, you will incur a licence fee. These fees vary according to the type of license you choose, which depends on your circumstances. AS 2124 is the preferred legal document by.

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Standard form contracts in construction and engineering works have been around for some time. The Australian Standard AS2124 General Conditions of Contract from 1991 is still favoured by many sectors, particularly some Government clients. AS 4000 came to be seen as the modernization of the standard, and again, even though it was drafted in 1997.

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The AS 4000 and AS 2124 families of contracts will be fully explored and compared. Reference and comparisons will be made to JCC, PC1 and MW1. There will be comprehensive sessions on how to optimally manage latent conditions, quality and defective work, contract variations, liquidated damages, delay and extensions of time claims, and achieving.

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AS 4000 requires the contractor to provide details of the delay, including an estimate of the delay. It is also worth noting that AS 4000 requires the contractor to submit a notice of delay to the principal and the superintendent, whereas AS 2124 only requires the notice to be issued to the superintendent. 8.

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AS 4000 is a popular choice in small scale projects. This form of construction contract is often considered to be the one with the lowest risk for contractors (conversely, there is a relatively high risk profile for principals). Elements of AS 4000. AS 4000 is unique, and is distinguished from other standard form contracts in a number of ways;

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In an AS4000, a superintendent is required to authorise any liquidated damages by the principal. This means that there will be a delay when it comes to making the contractor liable for liquidated damages. In contrast, an AS2124 contract makes the contractor automatically liable for liquidated damages if there is a failure to reach practical.

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Introduction to AS 2124. The Australian Standard AS 2124-1992 General Conditions of Contract remains a widely used form of construct only head contract, despite it having been succeeded by AS 4000-1997 and now being almost 30 years old. Despite having many similarities, AS 2124 and AS 4000 are very different forms of contract.

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The answers to these questions will determine the type of contract you should consider. Your main options are: Lump Sum Construct Only (eg AS 4000, AS 2124); Lump Sum Design & Construct ('D&C') (eg AS 4902, AS 4300); Early Contractor Involvement Construct Only (eg AS 4916, modified AS 4000 or modified AS 2124); and.

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The two current suites of Contracts based on AS 2124 and AS 4000 will also be discontinued, and replaced with a new suite of companion Standards, to be numbered up to AS 11020.